M. Ed. - Master of Education

Course Fees, Eligibility, Job Prospects and syllabus

M.Ed or Master of Education is a post-graduation program focuses mainly in the teaching sector. This degree, depending on the area of the specialization goes in roots of education along with the latest trends in the technology. It provides the gateway towards research-oriented programs. And it comes up with the sub roots like student counselling, advanced technical teaching, curriculum, and training. M.Ed course comes up with a duration of 2 years. And the maximum duration allowed for the completion of this course is 4 years. This course is a semester wise program, where each year will have 2 semesters. Subjects like history, educational research, psychology/philosophical foundation, and other disciplines are covered according to the specialization. 

M.Ed Fees in India:

The average course fee will be from 10,000 to 50,000 per annum. Which may vary depending upon the universities or colleges. 

M.Ed Salary in India:

After completion of this course, the average salary will be around 4.74 LPA. Which may vary according to the person's skills and experience. It also depends upon the sub-categories one is working on.

M.Ed Syllabus and Subjects:

Master of Education(M.Ed) Subjects is based on one's choice of the stream in B.Ed. Depending on that one can specialize in that particular subject. Most of the universities have hardcore(compulsory) papers, which is compulsory for all students. Soft core papers are selected depending upon one's interest and specialization. 

M.Ed Syllabus:

Tentative and indicative Syllabus according to semester wise, are listed below. Electives may vary according to the universities which ones have chosen.

M.Ed Semester - I  

  • Philosophical Foundations of Education-I
  • Psychological Foundations of Education-I
  • Sociological Foundations of Education-I
  • The methodology of Educational Research & Educational Statistics-I
  • Information and Communication Technology in Education
  • Research Communication & Expository writing skills

M.Ed Semester - II

  • Philosophical Foundations of Education-II
  • Psychological Foundations of Education-II
  • Sociological Foundations of Education-II
  • Methodology of Educational Research & Educational Statistics –II
  • Educational Data Analysis through Statistical packages (Course is Practical base)
  • Proposal preparation and presentation (Dissertation based practicum)

M.Ed Semester - III

  • Comparative Education-I
  • Curriculum Studies-I
  • Special Papers
  • Dissertation/Special Paper
  • Specialization based Internship

M.Ed Semester - IV 

  • Comparative Education-II
  • Curriculum Studies-II
  • Special Papers
  • Dissertation/Special Paper
  • Internship (in Teacher Education Institution)

M.Ed Subjects:

List of subjects one will cover for M.Ed course is given below. Which may vary depending upon the universities.

  • Educational Technology
  • Historical and Political bases of Education
  • Educational Management
  • Language Education
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Special Education
  • Women Studies
  • Environment Education
  • Yoga Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Theory of Advanced Human Development
  • Teacher Education
  • Educational Research & Educational Statistics
  • Information and Communication Technology in Education 
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education
  • Teachers Education with respect to Global Perspectives.

M.Ed Specializations:

M. Ed course specialization may slightly vary according to the universities. Some of the common specializations are:

  • Educational Technology
  • Educational Management
  • Women Studies
  • Language Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Special Education
  • Environment Education
  • Yoga Education
  • Rural Education 

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